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Quarantine story from coronavirus in Korea

14 days self-quarantine story from Native English teacher hired by ESL Consulting-SeoulESL

My current temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius.


When I first decided to teach in South Korea, I knew that the transition would be difficult but I had no idea how difficult it would become in Spring 2020. Thankfully, Chloe from SeoulESL provided consistent support and information that eased the process. Chloe constantly updated me on changes made to the visa application process due to Covid-19 restrictions as well as what I could expect upon arriving in South Korea. Chloe provided step-by-step instructions on every section of my journey, from visa application to my arrival process and on the quarantine period. The consistent support gave me reassurance during an important transition in my life.

14days self quarantine in Korea

To future teachers, it may seem daunting to move to a new country, especially right now, but it is worth the process. I advise you to expect delays on everything including apostilles, documents, visas and the like. My first flight had to be rescheduled due to delays in the documentation but Chloe helped me with keeping my school updated on the constant changes. Also, expect a two week quarantine period upon arriving in South Korea as well as a Covid-19 test. The immigration process once you land is going to take much longer than normal due to the quarantine documentation process where you will sign many (many!) documents agreeing to the quarantine and will also download an app which you will use to check-in every day and report your temperature and symptoms. Many areas of the airport will also be sectioned off or closed down. For this reason, I was unable to get a SIM card when I landed meaning no Korean number. Thankfully, Chloe allowed for her number to be used on my documents which was verified by an official at the airport, making her my point of contact for the Dalseo Health Center which also required my temperature twice a day. I am grateful to Chloe and SeoulESL for their valuable information and consistent support and would highly recommend them to future teachers who might be nervous about moving during such an unprecedented time.

Sierra C.
Quarantine Story from native English teacher in Gimpocity in Korea

I’m not sure what to write because quarantine is quarantine. They should get their exact address ahead of time and ship items/food to themselves, if they want something specific. I like the website iherb (over a certain price and the shipping is free). As soon as they arrive in their new place, they must have someone call the number given to say they’re in quarantine. I had to check into the app 2 times a day, morning and night, usually 9am and 9pm. The government will provide stickers that change color to show their body temperature. They need to write the color the sticker became in the blank box at the bottom, when checking-in on the app. Also, make sure to have a converter.

I hope that helps.