Why Seoul ESL & China ESL

ESL Consulting – a corporation consisting of Seoul ESL in Korea and China ESL in China –
is an experienced, professional, and leading English teacher recruitment company in Asia.
Using a recruitment company like Seoul ESL & China ESL is the easiest and safest way of finding a teaching job in Asia.

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  • Experienced recruitment team running since 2005
  • A large network of reputable schools in Korea
  • An official Korean government partner
  • Experienced Korean English bilingual staff
  • Fast, friendly & reliable service
  • Outstanding support
  • Our service is free of charge for teachers


• Experienced and professional team for China
• A large network of schools in nationwide China
• Public and private English school options in China
• Fast, friendly & reliable service
• Career growth opportunities
• Ongoing support
• Our service is free of charge for teachers

Why Korea

You’ll get the chance to explore and experience Korea's dynamic culture and Teaching in Korea comes with lots of benefits

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Why China

China is a culturally diverse country whose history spans more than 5000 years. Teaching here comes with lots of benefits

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ESL Consulting offers myTEFL 120-hour Professional TEFL Course, which you can take up to a 35% discount with  discount code

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Teach. Discover.

Teach Abroad!
You will gain international teaching experience, learn and enjoy a new culture, travel further around Asia as well as become a global player. Please contact us, we will be ready to provide you with answers teaching in Korea and China

Teach in Korea & China… Discover Asia

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What teachers say about us

Nathalie S. (Hagwon teacher, Korea)

"Yuri Kim made the process of teaching in Korea really easy! She kept me updated at every step and helped me with kindness and understanding. From the initial interview, she had an answer to all of my questions and was patient when I had strange questions."



Vanessa M. (Hagwon teacher, Korea)

"I heard about Seoul ESL from a friend who was in the same predicament as I was and needed a new job fast. I was working with a few other recruiters at the same time but Seoul ESL was the most consistent in sending positions "


Sienna B. (Hagwon teacher, Korea)

"Chloe was extremely helpful. She responded to emails quickly and was very pleasant. To my delight, I was able to find a great job in a great neighborhood quickly, even with only one year of experience."

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Since 2005, we have helped over 10,000teachers and over 5,000 schools in Korea and China. Find out why we're the most recommended English teacher recruitment agency in Asia and start your ESL journey today!

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