Z Visa

Required Visa Documents for Z visa


⋅ Passport valid for at least 12 months
⋅ Passport photo
⋅ A Bachelor’s diploma notarized/legalized/Authenticated by Chinese consulate in your country
⋅ A Criminal check notarized/ legalized/Authenticated by the Chinese consulate in your country
⋅ A TEFL certificate notarized/ legalized/Authenticated by the Chinese consulate in your country
⋅ A medical examination form

Visa Pocedure

For successful Z visa processing, you must provide the necessary documents in the proper format. These documents must be notarized/legalized / authenticated by the Chinese consulate The following steps will guide you towards a successful visa application:

Before your arrival in China

Step 1

Compile the required documents, make a clear scanned copy of each, and send it to your employer

Step 2

The school applies for a work permit at a relevant government office  in China.

Step 3

Once Notification of Work Permit approved, will be forwarded it to you

Step 4

Apply for Z visa (work visa). Bring the below documents to the Chinese consulate

⋅ Notification of work permit and Invitation letter from your employer
⋅ Duly filled Z-class Visa application form
⋅ Approved medical check
⋅ Your passport
⋅ A “2×2” passport-sized photograph with a white background
⋅ Visa fee (varies depending on the country of application)
⋅ Any other required additional document

After arriving in China

The following activity will take place within your first 30 days of arrival in China

Step 1

A representative from your school will take you to a local police station where you shall obtain your accommodation registration form.

Step 2

You will conduct another medical check in a Chinese hospital.

Step 3

Your school will process your work permit certificate with the designated authorities.

Step 4

You will go to the government office to change the work permit certificate to a resident Visa.

Step 5

Congratulations you are now a legal resident of China.

Visa Documents Guide

Criminal Record Check

Please see the below for specifics on obtaining a CRC by country.

Country Criminal Record Check Agency
USA Local State or National Institutions such as the FBI
Canada RCMP (or a check based on the CPIC)
United Kingdom Disclosure Scotland or APCS
(Basic Disclosure)
Ireland Garda Síochána
Australia AFP
New Zealand Ministry of Justice
South Africa SAPS


US applicants

CRC from a local state or national institutions such as the FBI are accepted. It is advisable to go through the Local police due to their fast processing time and low cost. Moreover, the FBI background check isn’t necessary, but in some cases, your employer might ask for it. Perhaps, you might need it if you live abroad, or plan to expedite your FBI background check. In such circumstance, the best route is to use the services of our partner channeller service.

Document Authentication

The following documents must be notarized/legalized/authenticated by the Chinese consulate in your home country

  • Background check
  • University degree
  • A document that proves your eligibility as a teacher (e.g., TEFL, teacher’s license, or a reference letter with at least two years’ work experience)

Generally, the authentication process is as follows;

  1. Get a public notary on your original documents
  2. Legalize the doucments with your government office
  3. Authenticate the documents at the Chinese consulate

These processes may differ based on your country of residency or application.

For US applicant:

The China ESL, in collaboration with Monument Visa, has perfected plans to continually ensure that applicants authenticate their documents at the lowest rate. Aside from that, Monument Visa is unique when compared with other agencies, because we take care of the four stages of the authentication of your documents at the Chinese embassy. As a result of this, you spend less and save more.