Teaching Programs in China

Teaching Programs in China

Job Highlights

Contract length: 1 year
Attractive salary
15-25 working hours per week
Rent-free housing
Various teaching positions
Flight ticket

Public School (Primary/Middle/High school)

The ever-increasing desire for internationalization, along with the aspirations of many Chinese nationals to study and work globally has meant that public school in China have been forced to become more inclusive and offer high-quality English language courses. This is where you, an English foreign teacher, comes in. The majority of the public schools hire foreign teachers as a supplemental oral English teacher.

With larger class sizes and students’ varied learning abilities in public schools, you’ll need to be adaptive and resilient. Your primary job will be to implement an interactive and immersive environment for students to enhance their English language and communication skills by nurturing the skills of students and giving them confidence.

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Kindergarten (Also referred to as pre-school, nursery, and homeroom) teaching jobs are an exciting and rewarding opportunity to play an integral part in a child’s early language as well as social development.

With a small class size and an average age of students in the range 3-6 years, the class duration is kept to a minimum but full of short meaningful activities and fun interactions.

Needless to say, English fun-based activities that involve puppets, music, dancing, singing, cuddling, drawing, and storytelling are an integral part of kindergarten teaching jobs.

So, if you are an energetic individual with lots of passion for teaching and are able to deal with younger kids comfortably, then this is the golden opportunity for you to not only become a better teacher but to truly make a difference.

Language Center

These jobs usually involve teaching children aged 3-15 in after-school and weekend programs. Almost all Chinese students from 3-18 years old take some form of additional class outside of school and given the increasing need to be able to understand and communicate in English, English Language Center becomes the go-to choice of many.

Language Centers provide students with the opportunity to learn from native speakers in a small group and engage more directly with their teacher. The manageable class sizes and avid interest of students make teaching in language centers a highly recommended job.

The focus of language center is to prepare students for the real-world by preparing them to communicate in English be it by speaking or listening

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Adult Teaching position

Have had enough of teaching kids?

Then, come teach adults who are motivated, willing to go the extra mile, and really passionate about learning. They just need directions and a helping hand. You can assist them.

From teaching complete beginners to advanced level students, you can either pick and choose or do it all. The different teaching styles and challenges presented at each level ought to bring the best out of you. While the beginners will need more help and patience from your end, they will improve faster. On the other hand, the advanced level students will engage you properly through thought-provoking discussions, analysis, and debates.

International School

The popularity of International schools in China is increasing consistently, and families are eager to enroll their children in these international schools so that they can have a leg up their competition in the global world of tomorrow.

International schools usually offer one of the following internationally recognized and renowned curricula:

  • The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
  • Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

All three of these has an integral component that is the English language. Hence, it is no surprise that credentialed English teachers are in high demand in the international schools in China.


University Teaching English Programs

The coveted teaching position of all is that of a foreign teacher in a university as not only is it a prestigious position but also highly sought after.

Teaching highly motivated university students aged 18-23 in either small study groups or large classes that are mentally stimulating can be the one challenge that you are looking for.

By designing your own curriculum, you can have the freedom to teach as you want. All in all, university teaching English programs are a comprehensive and possibly a long-term commitment.