E2 / C4 Visa

Required Visa Document list


⋅ One paper copy of passport
⋅ Two passport-sized photos
⋅ Health statement
⋅ Apostilled notarized copy diploma for Bachelor or higher degree
(For  Canadians: Notarized diploma from the Korean consulate)
⋅ Apostilled national-level original criminal background check (CBC)
(For Canadians: Notarized original RCMP search from the Korean consulate
⋅ University sealed transcript( For EPIK applicant)
+ Additional documents could be requested by the program and visa type


E2 Visa Procedure

Step 1

Send all required visa documents to SeoulESL

Step 2

Visa issuance number for Hagwon teachers or the EPIK document package for EPIK teacher will be sent to a teacher

Step 3

Apply for E-2 visa at the nearest Korean embassy or consulate.

Step 4

Book an airline ticket to South Korea

Step 5

Fly to Korea

C4 Visa Procedure

Step 1

Gathering necessary C4 visa documents.

Step 2

Employer visa documents from the camp organization will be sent to a teavcher

Step 3

Apply for a C4 visa at the Korean embassy or consulate with the required visa items

Step 4

Book the plane ticket

Step 5

Arrive in Korea and start teaching at a camp program

Visa Documents Guide

Important visa documents that you need to prepare are criminal record check, and diploma and those documents must be certified by an appropriate government office in their home country. Please refer the below info and prepare the visa documents in time.

Criminal Record Check

Please see the below for specifics on obtaining a CRC by country.

Country Criminal Record Check Agency Apostille Agency
United States FBI Channelers FBI CRC's should be apostilled by the Department of State
Canada RCMP (or a check based on the CPIC) Documents must be authenticated at a Korean Consulate or Embassy.
United Kingdom Disclosure Scotland or APCS
(Basic Disclosure)
Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)
Ireland Garda Síochána Department of Foreign Affairs
Australia AFP Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
New Zealand Ministry of Justice Department of Internal Affairs
South Africa SAPS Department of International Relations & Cooperation (DIRCO)


For US applicants

Applicants from the United States must submit an FBI background check. Please be aware that the FBI check can take up to 12 weeks to receive, so we advise that you apply for it via an FBI-Approved Channeler.

Getting FBI Background check in 1 week!

SeoulESL has partnered with Accurate Biometrics to provide SeoulESL teachers with the best FBI channeling service for the lowest national rate and speedy turnaround time.

Apostille FBI Background Check in One Week!

Seoul ESL has partnered with Monument Visa Service and Monument Visa Service will hand-carry your documents to the U.S. Department of State, allowing you to receive your Apostilled background check in only three business days. Your university diploma will be notarized and Apostilled in only two business days. We’ve reached an agreement with Monument Visa to give applicants a $5 discount on Apostille of FBI Background Checks and $15 discount on Apostille of Diplomas. A certified copy of the diploma should first be created by a local notary public. This certified copy can then be sent to the local state’s apostille office for apostille.  An Apostille on your diploma can be supported by Monument visa speedily.

For Canadians

Fingerprint RCMP criminal check and  a certified copy of the diploma authenticated by the Koren embassy or consulate needs to be submitted. Canadians cannot get their documents Apostilled. Instead, they must get the documents certified by a Korean Embassy or Consulate in their area.Canadian applicants will need to present a certified copy of their diploma to the Korean consulate or embassy nearest to them to receive an official authentication from the consulate or embassy