Frequently Asked Questions for Teaching in Korea & China


  • Of course, virtually all teaching placements in China or Korea require applicants to have a TEFL/CELTA certificate (a minimum of 120 hours). You can also apply for the placement while your program is ongoing or close to completion.
  • Yes. Applicants are allowed to apply as couples, and there are possibilities they can get placed in the same institution or apartment. When you apply along with your friends, it is possible for the employer to post you to the same city, but the separate institution and residential areas. Although we can’t give a total guarantee, your case will be treated with the utmost priority.
  • While we accept your application, we would also want to inform you that employers do not make any residential or relocation arrangements for dependents. Qualified applicants who want to travel with their dependents should ensure that they make arrangements for travel, accommodation, and living expenses for such dependent.
  • Absolutely. You can let us know your preferred location, and we will consider offering a teaching position in that area. However, some factors may not make this possible, and so, a close area to your preferred location would be given.
  • For public schools, the biggest recruiting season is during late-February and late-August before the beginning of the new semester. - For private schools, there is no specific recruiting season. Private schools seek teachers all year round.
  • Teaching experience is not necessary to teach English in Korea. However, teaching experience may be required by some private schools.
  • Contracts for ESL teaching jobs in Korea and China  are all one year in length
  • The TEFL certificate is not a requirement, but an in-class component often offers better preparation for teaching in Korea, so applicants should consider that when choosing their certification course.
  • Your criminal background check is only valid for 6 months from its issuance date and must be still valid when you submit your documents to Korean immigration.  Therefore, if you are applying for a September 1st start date, we recommend having your criminal record check in your hands by no earlier than April.  If you are applying for a March 1st start, we recommend having your criminal record check in your hands by no earlier than in September

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