• Prior teaching experience will be of great help if you want to teach in China. However, if you have no previous experience, you can as well be trained by Chinese employers. During your training, the supervisors will provide the necessary encouragement and assistance that you will need.
  • Of course, virtually all teaching placements in China or Korea require applicants to have a TEFL/CELTA certificate (a minimum of 120 hours). You can also apply for the placement while your program is ongoing or close to completion.
  • While we accept your application, we would also want to inform you that employers do not make any residential or relocation arrangements for dependents. Qualified applicants who want to travel with their dependents should ensure that they make arrangements for travel, accommodation, and living expenses for such dependent.
  • Absolutely. You can let us know your preferred location, and we will consider offering a teaching position in that area. However, some factors may not make this possible, and so, a close area to your preferred location would be given.
  • 1. Application online 2. A video interview (screening) with China ESL team 3. A video interview (job) with an employer in China 4. An employment contract is offered 5. Visa processing. Please note, you can only move to the next stage if you’ve passed the previous stage.
  • In recent years the government in China has passed a law requiring all teachers to have at least 2 years of work experience after University. You must be between 22 and 55 years of age to receive a proper working Z visa. The Chinese government also requires teachers to have at least a 100-hr TEFL certification. Most provincial governments require teachers to have 120-hour certification, so it is really in your best interest to add that extra 20 hours to your certificate if possible! Our client schools, especially in Beijing and Shanghai have been reporting that local authorities are now turning down TEFL certificates that have ‘online’ stamped anywhere on the certificate. It is in your best interest to either choose an online course that does not have a certificate with ‘online hours’ mentioned on it or do a classroom-based course or a combination course that includes online and classroom hours. We recommend several TEFL courses on our TEFL page. (TEFL link) These courses are recommended by the schools that we are affiliated with and the teachers we work with.
  • Teaching experience is not necessary to teach English in Korea. However, teaching experience may be required by some private schools.
  • Contracts for ESL teaching jobs in Korea and China  are all one year in length

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