Vanessa Mejia

" I heard about Seoul ESL from a friend who was in the same predicament as I was and needed a new job fast. I was working with a few other recruiters at the same time but Seoul ESL was the most consistent in sending positions and replying fast to my emails.

  - Vanessa Mejia


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Sienna Bates

"Chloe was extremely helpful. She responded to emails quickly and was very pleasant. To my delight, I was able to find a great job in a great neighborhood quickly, even with only one year of experience. Unlike other recruiters, Chloe only sent me job offers that were relevant to the specific conditions I asked for. This saved a lot of time for the both of us because I didn't have to weed through jobs I clearly didn't want. If I ever find myself in need of another position, there is no doubt in my mind that I will use SeoulESL.."


Lindsey Young, Cathal MacGiollaBhain

"Working with Seoul ESL was a great experience! Our recruiter Yuri was absolutely pleasant and lovely to work with. She was extremely prompt and helpful throughout the entire process. Although our desired start date was 6 months in the future, Yuri was able to find us a great school with our preferred location and hours immediately which put our minds at ease about working and living in Korea. We would definitely recommend Seoul ESL to anyone looking to work in Korea."


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Great Experience Apr 22, 2021 I had such a good time throughout the entire experience. […]


Definitely recommend Seoul ESL Mar 14, 2021 Danielle from SeoulESL was so helpful every step […]


This is my second year in South Korea, and my second time making use of […]


From beginning to end SeoulESL was amazing! Chloe, Danielle, and Sammie were in constant contact. […]

Benjamin W.

Very happy with my experience with Seoul ESL I am very pleased with the placement […]

Max B.

Chloe at Seoul ESL – patient, friendly and supportive I’ve already experienced working in Korea, […]

Amber W.

After taking my TELF course in San Francisco, I found Seoul ESL Consulting on the […]

Iain P.

Great experience with SeoulESL I was having a very difficult time finding a job during […]

Daniela U.

Amazing Experience! Thank You, Chloe! Nov 1, 2020 I had wonderful experience with ESL Consulting, […]

Jeremy S.

Great service and helpful people. I needed to find a job within 30 days, and […]