Arlyn G.

Arlyn G.

Moving to a different country to teach ESL can be a daunting process with its infinite amounts of paperwork and procedures. I began my job search for South Korea with another recruiter, but later found Seoul ESL and Chloe Park.

Chloe has made this process simple and straightforward. All my emails and inquiries were answered promptly and I had a job offer which fit my needs within a month of having begun the process. Unlike other recruiters, Seoul ESL cared about finding the job I wanted, not just pinning me off with any available job.

I am excited to begin this new chapter in my life and will be forever grateful to Chloe and Seoul ESL for helping me along the way!

Thank you for everything you have done Chloe!
Warm Regards,

Arlyn G


2019 Jan 23rd