Nolien Louw

Nolien Louw

I left my life as an attorney behind in Johannesburg to work at an English Village in the cultural city 🌃 of Paju – 40 minutes from Seoul.

Chloe Park and her team @SeoulESL helped with everything and answered next to a trillion questions due to uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 virus gaining momentum in Korea at the time.

As I am writing this review I have been in Korea 6 weeks and loving every minute of my experience, even though I couldn’t do much traveling and exploring yet I am still happy to have gotten the job and been able to move here.

SeoulESL has been very thorough and helpful. What really stood out for me was the fact that they arrange a pick-up service for you when you land at Incheon International Airport ✈️. And secondly the information document they send you to help you pack the right things for your year abroad – which was very helpful. Thirdly, all the teachers recruited by SeoulESL have annual get-togethers which is a great opportunity to meet other expats. And the last thing I must mention – SeoulESL puts a lot of effort into finding you a place that will suit you. When I declined a job offer, Chloe Park was very professional about it and took note of all my reasons and we started to look for a new place and a new place until I finally signed my contract.

If I were to get a “do-over” of the entire process I would have picked SeoulESL as my recruitment agency again – and again.

Thank you SeoulESL for making this all possible!