What To Bring

– Money – Until you get paid, you are going to need some money to survive for about a month in Korea
– Labtop
– Deodorant – It is more expensive here in Korea(For example: Nivea 50ml is going to cost about 5 dollars and some are going
to cost up to 20 dollars)
– Toothpaste – We have tooth paste in Korea but according to some of the applicants, they don’t like it If you have a particular
favorite brand, bring it.
– Shoes – Koreans’ feet are smaller compared to Westerners, so the English teachers in Korea have a hard time finding the
shoes that fit for them. We would recommend you to bring several pairs of shoes
– Big towels – Koreans use smaller towels compared to Westerners, so some people bring the shower towels to Korea.
However, we do have them but they are more expensive.
– Razor blades and shaving cream – Korean people do not have nearly as much facial or body hair as Westerners.
Therefore, razor blades and shaving cream are somewhat more expensive in Korea according to English teachers here.
– Bras – It is going to be hard for you to find some cheap and nice bra here in Korea if your size is bigger than C,
but sometimes B.
– Some home food like snacks, salad dressing, etc.
– Books – If you love reading.
– Beding Sheets – We have them in Korea as well but they are expensive and there aren’t going to be many choices.