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Getting American FBI Background check in One Week!

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Getting American FBI Background check in One Week!


SeoulESL has partnered with Accurate Biometrics to provide SeoulESL teachers with the best FBI channeling service for the lowest national rate and speedy turnaround time. Teachers will be able to receive FBI background check result approximately one Week!

Follow these simple steps to get your FBI Background Check in one Week!

For more detailed instructions, please visit Accurate Biometrics SeoulESL page

1) Get Fingerprinted Immediately

– Print two (2) standard fingerprint forms (FD258) on regular printer paper from the following

   link:Download the FBI 258 card


– Complete the fields highlighted in yellow on the top section of BOTH fingerprint forms. You must follow the detailed 

  instructions on the sample to ensure the fingerprint form is completed correctly.

2) Fill out the Application form

– Print and complete the Applicant Information Form.

3) Fill out the payment form on the bottom of the application

  We’ve worked with Accurate Biometrics to give applicants a $5.00 discount on the service. This service only costs $50 

  (includes standard shipping) or $65 for your results with super-fast shipping.

4)Mail your application

  Send off the above application, payment form, and two sets of fingerprints in a manilla envelope to the following


  Accurate Biometrics

  Attn: SeoulESL

  500 Park Boulevard

  Suite 1260

  Itasca, IL 60143

  Wait for your FBI Background check

  Wait approximately 5~7 business days for your results to be channeled and mailed back to you For more detailed

  instructions, please visit Accurate Biometrics SeoulESL page