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How to apply for the C4 (Camp) visa?

In Summer and Winter, there are many English Camp positions each year! If you’d like to experience teaching English in Korea for a short term and have some free time for a couple of weeks, English Camp will be the best option for you.


For working at English Camp, teachers must obtain a C4 visa or have a camp work permit added on an E2 or E1 visa.


Eligible Applicants for C4 visa
For people who plan to stay for 90 days or less with the intention of profiting from commercials, fashion modelling, lectures, research, the instruction of new technology, teaching English etc..
English camp teacher’s visa (C4) Processing
Once you take a job with the English camp, you need to apply for the C4 visa at the nearest Korean consulate with the required visa documents. Some Korean consulates do not process C4 visas for a traveller, so you MUST contact the Korean consulate before you apply for the C4 visa and ask whether they process one or not.
Required visa documents vary among the Korean consulate worldwide and you must contact the nearest Korean consulate to get the confirmed visa documents needed to submit.
Step1 Submitting an online application 
Step2 Screening application by SeoulESL and successful applicant will be selected
Step3 Arranging a Skype Video interview with camp organization for a successful applicant
Step4 Signing an employment contract with English camp organization
Step5 Gathering visa documents (Apostilled Bachelor or higher degree, Apostilled Original National Criminal Background Check)
Step6 Employer visa documents from camp organization will be sent to you
Step7 Apply for a C4 visa at the Korean consulate with the required visa items
Step8 Purchase the plane ticket
Step9 Arrive in Korea and starting teaching at a camp program

I’m sure you will have an amazing time in Korea with English Camp and will enjoy Korea a lot!!!