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Teacher's Single Studio

If you work in Korea, what type of housing would you live in?

the picture displays fully furnished housing facilities.

At first, when you look for a job in Korea, most of you might be curious about where you live. Today, we will learn about what type of house you will live in when you come to Korea. When you come to Korea, most of you will be provided with a studio or an officetel. Of course, the house may change slightly depending on the employer.
First of all, I will explain about the studio apartment. The studio apartment is the type of accommodations that is used the most by domestic Koreans. It is perfect for a single household. Most employers support monthly rent. So you only have to pay the maintenance fee and the utility fee. There’s a better part. Most of your apartments are furnished. Refrigerators, washing machines, beds, and air conditioners are provided. As you can see in the pictures, it’s very neat and there’s no problem living alone.

the picture displays a studio optimized for single person.

Also, you can live in a residential form called an officetel. Officetel is used as a residential area in Korea as a combined form of office and residence. Officetels, similar to studios, are optimized to live alone. Most officetels also support monthly rent by the employer, so you only have to pay the maintenance fee and the utility fee. Most officetels are also furnished. The refrigerator washing machines, beds, and air conditioners are provided. If you want to see the picture before you sign the Job Contract, contact the Recruiter.

the picture displays the bathrooom in the studio optimized  for a single person.
The heating system in Korea is a little different from other countries. Of course, differences are depending on the condition of the house, but Korea uses a heating system called the Ondol system. Ondol is a traditional Korean heating system that uses heating stones in the kitchen to hear the air room. These systems can heat the water or keep the room warm. The picture below shows the operating system of the boiler system. Through the device, you can heat the water or warm the room.

the picture displays the operating system of a boiler system.

Also, Korea has a culture of taking off shoes indoors. At first, of course, it’s hard to adapt to this culture, but most people take off their shoes indoors. They take off their shoes and enter through the space in front of the door of the house called ‘Hyun-guan’. If this is inconvenient, it is also a great idea to wear indoor slippers.