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My journey to South Korea!

The prospect of immigrating to a foreign country, even under ordinary circumstances is often a daunting one. The uncertainty which surrounds even the most basic of everyday tasks is enough to induce anxiety even within the most zen of people. That, compounded by the newly implemented and stringent restrictions, protocols and processes as a result of the pandemic which we are facing, made for an incredibly intimidating itinerary. However, ESL and Sammie Kang, in particular, managed to ease any reservations that I may have had come into this experience. Their meticulous and considerate approach to customer care made me feel a lot less like an applicant and a lot more like family. I couldn’t have asked for a more authentic and genuine team of dedicated individuals to facilitate my acclimation process.

It was not uncommon to receive a sporadic call or text, even if outside of working hours, simply checking in to see if you are coping and content. In my eyes, it is ESL’s willingness to go over and above the line of duty that separates them from any other organisation that I have had to work with in the past. Even now, at the time of writing, despite the maddening duration of a 14-day quarantine, with precious little contact with the outside world, I can say that it is through their input and assistance that I have managed to remain optimistic and upbeat.

Big thanks to Sammie and the ESL team!


Joshua T.