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Illustration photo of a person exploring a national park in Korea

Exploring a beautiful Natural Scenery: National parks in South Korea

There are 22 representative national parks in Korea that have beautiful landscapes.
ESL Consulting is introducing today a few of those 22 national parks for you to see, feel and experience Korea’s beautiful landscapes.


Let’s start with Jirisan National Park. It is the largest mountain-type national park and the first national park in Korea. Here, countless peaks spread out like a folding screen to represent a beautiful scene, which cannot be expressed simply with the words ‘big, deep, wide’. It is one of the best sunrise spots of the country and offers spectacular views all year round.

The next is Bukhansan National Park, where a clear stream runs between dozens of gorges and peaks, showing a beautiful harmony of mountain and water. It is also popular to tourists as it is the closest national park to Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

Third is Seoraksan National Park. It is very famous for its large pine trees and various oak trees. Also, it is popular during autumn season for its picturesque foliage.

Gyeongju National Park is the only historical national park existing in Korea. As it was the capital of the Silla Dynasty in Korea, here you can see some of the oldest structures in Korea, such as Bulguksa Temple or Anapji Royal Pond Garden.

What’s next? Songnisan National Park! It is the park that most tourists mainly begin their journey at Beopjusa, one of the oldest temples located at the foot of the mountain range of Songnisan. In the spring season of Songnisan, pink azaleas bloom all over the mountain, showing a beautiful scenery.

The sixth is Mudeungsan National Park, famous for the Juangjeolli Cliffs formed about 70 million years ago. When walking the promenade here, you would be stopped walking by looking at old stone structures as well as large Buddhist temples surrounded by pillars for photo opportunities.

Finally, Hallasan National Park, which is one of the most visited attractions in Jeju Island, has not only the highest peak in Korea, but also has the shield volcano formed millions of years ago. There are various walking trails where you can enjoy the natural scenery.

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References -Unsplash & Pixabay



These national parks in Korea are equipped with facilities for tourists.
Facilities like campsites or shelters are available!

Campsite, a space where you can relax and enjoy camping with your loved ones, is equipped. Here, you can camp with your loved ones and enjoy the changing seasons of nature!
Also, a small shelter is provided that you could enjoy watching clouds and feel wind for a while. It is a safety facility where you can rest your tired body at the end of a long road, check your health and movement, and take a break for safe hiking.
To experience these facilities, you must make a reservation in advance.



How to make a reservation

Captured copy of how to make a reservation

1. Log in after accessing the KNPS website(

2. Press “Introduction” of the facility you are interested in, either at the shelter or campsite

Captured copy of how to make a reservation

3. Select the desired national park → Select the desired shelter or camping and click “Search”


Captured copy of how to make a reservation

4. After reading the description of the desired facility, press the “reservation button” when making a reservation

Captured copy of how to make a reservation

5. Check the “facility reservation report” and search by the selected criteria

Captured copy of how to make a reservation

6. Click the “Book Now” button and make a payment