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How to recycle garbage in Korea

Seoul ESL will introduce how to recycle garbage.
The reason for recycling is that we can revive our beautiful life by recycling some of the disposable products.


recycle garbage illustration



<Separate discharge method>

1. Plastics
Empty the contents of the plastic bottle and plastic container
Remove parts made of other materials such as attachment trademarks and lids and discard them.
(For products that are mixed with various materials, such as pill packaging and cassette tape,
Throw it away in a standard plastic garbage bag)

2. Plastic bag
If foreign substances are on snacks, ramen bags, or disposable plastic bags, rinse them with water
and remove the residue before discarding them.
(If it is difficult to remove foreign substances, discharge them into a standard plastic garbage bag.)

3. Styrofoam
Throw away the cup noodle container filled with ramen soup without any foreign substances after rinsing.
Styrofoam used in the packaging of agricultural, fishery, and livestock products completely emptied the contents
Remove tapes, transportation bills, trademarks, etc. completely and throw them away.
(If it is difficult to remove foreign substances, break the styrofoam and throw it away in a standard plastic garbage bag.)

4. Glass bottle type
Throw away soda bottles, beer bottles, and soju bottles without any foreign substances.
(Dropped mirrors, broken glass, and ceramics in standard plastic garbage bags because they are not glass bottles.)

5. Food Waste

Removes as much foreign matter and water as possible and disposes a organic waste in a compost bin or a food waste disposal bag depending on what types of accommodation you are living in.

(A foreign substance/matter can be as plastic, egg shells, animal bones, bottle caps, toothpicks, paper, spoons, chopsticks, plastic, foil, rubber gloves, glass fragments, etc.)