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Explore Seoul with ESL Consulting

*Explore Seoul with ESL Consulting*

ESL Consulting prepared a list of great tourist attractions in Seoul, which is Korea’s capital.

<Gyeongbok Palace>
Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest palace among the five royal palaces established by the Joseon Dynasty and served as the home of the Joseon royal family and the Joseon government.
Here, you can learn about the history of Korea and have a unique experience by wearing the rented traditional Korean costume.

<Namsan Seoul Tower>
Namsan Seoul Tower is a landmark of Korea and it is full of various things to enjoy, including beautiful views from the center of Seoul and locks of love for lovers.

<Lotte Tower>
Lotte Tower is the world’s fifth tallest building with 123 floors. Not only does this place have an observatory and a shopping mall, but it also has various cultural spaces and amenities, making it full of various things to enjoy.

<DDP – Dongdaemun Design Plaza>
DDP is a complex cultural space located in Dongdaemun, Seoul, Korea, where design trends begin and culture exchanges. This place introduces the world’s first new products and fashion trends, shares knowledge through global exhibitions, and offers various design experiences.

<Hallyu Star Street K STAR ROAD)>
This is the “City Judge Olle Road” where you can walk to the place where the Korean Wave story is located and experience it for yourself. Reflecting the latest Hallyu trend, you can check out the stories of hot stars such as famous attractions and popular restaurants.

<Seoul Forest>
It is a park located in Ttukseom-ro, Seoul, and is composed of four distinctive spaces: Culture and Arts Park, Experience Learning Center, Ecological Forest, and Wetland Ecological Garden. It is adjacent to the Han River to provide various cultural leisure spaces. In the past, there used to be a Seoul racetrack and a golf course, and some of the facilities at that time were re-formed into a park, and it is famous for having a concept of green in the city.
Various programs, including hands-on learning, are waiting for you and there are beautiful hiking trails.