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Get ready for EPIK 2022 Spring Intake : Online Application-ESL Consulting

Start your application with ESL Consulting


EPIK 2022 Spring intake accept an online application only, and we, ESL consulting, here provide a guideline for teachers to complete online application easy and smooth.

Before starting the online application,

1. Please prepare the necessary initial documents.
< Initial documents >
– National-level criminal record check
– Two letters of recommendation
– Professional photo
– Proof of English Education (for South African applicants only)
– Birth Certificate(for UK/Australian applicants only)

2. Send us your letters of recommendation to and get approval from ESL Consulting EPIK recruiters before you upload them.
3. Send us your personal essay and lesson plan to while completing the form. Our experienced ESL Consulting EPIK recruiters will provide you a professional guideline.

ESL consulting EPIK recruiters will send you the link to apply for online application and will provide you a detailed guideline on how to prepare new EPIK 2022 Spring intake online application.
Please contact us at 

Refer to the steps and images below!

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Apply Now
Step 3: Begin your application – 
Select CLASSIFICATION as Agency – ESL Consulting


1. Online Application
You can submit only one online application per term. Also, once you submit it you will not be able to modify your application.
When you begin your application, select “CLASSIFICATION” as Agency-ESL Consulting so that we can review your application and provide a guideline and help you after online application submission.

2. Photo
Prepare a photo of you from the shoulders up and facing forward with a solid white background. The photo is very important. You may smile for the photo.

3. Apostilled National-Level Criminal Record Check
A scan of a nationally apostilled national-level criminal record check dated on or after August 1st, 2021.
A scan of a non-apostilled national-level criminal record check dated on or after August 1st, 2021 + a scan of proof of application for a national apostille (receipt, e-mail confirmation, scan of application for apostille, proof of payment, etc.).

4. 2 Letters of Recommendation
Please prepare two letters of recommendation from academic professors or previous/current employers. The files must be uploaded in PDF format. If the first or second letter of recommendation is more than 1 page and requires multiple pages, please combine the pages into one single, properly aligned PDF file. The file size must not exceed 10mb.
– Letters must be from a supervisor, professor, academic advisor, co- teacher, or other professional source.
– Letters must be on letterhead OR the referee’s business card must be attached.
– For the initial application, a letter with a digital signature is acceptable. However, an original letter with an ink-signature required after successful interview.
– Letters must have the name of the writer and their title clearly stated.
– Letters of recommendation must contain the contact information of the referee.
– The letters must be dated and must be no older than 2 years from the opening of the application period for the term an applicant is applying.
– Letters must include the applicant’s full first and last name as it appears on their passport.
– Letters should be addressed to “Whom it May Concern” or to the “EPIK Team.” Letters addressed to recruiters or other institutions/organizations will not be accepted.
– Letters should clearly state the relationship between the referee and the applicant, including the length and nature of the relationship.

5. Current Contract End Date Page for Those Currently Working in Korea
Only a scan of the page(s) showing the contract end date is needed. Please do not submit a file of the full contract. The file must be uploaded in PDF format.

6. Proof of English Education
For Korean Citizens & South African/Quebec applicant & Those Who Attended Schools outside the Designated Countries
: Applicants who received their education from 7th year/grade and through high school graduation in areas where English is often not used as the language of instruction in schools (South Africa, Quebec, etc.) must submit proof of English Education from each school attended during this period. English must have been the language of instruction for all subjects excluding foreign language  subjects.  A letter  from  each  school’s  administrative  office  that states  the  period  of  attendance and  that  English  was  the  language  of instruction during their attendance will suffice as proof of English Education.

7. Tattoo Photos
Photos of all tattoos located on the hands, arms, feet, legs, neck, and head must be submitted. Along  with  these  photos, applicants  may  submit photos  showing  the method they plan to use to keep the tattoos covered

8. UK/Australian Applicants – Birth Certificate
Applicants who are applying as UK/Australian citizens must upload a scan of their birth certificate to the application. Please note that this does not need to be apostilled for the Initial Online  Application  stage,  but  it  will  need  to  be  apostilled  for  the  Document Submission stage following a successful interview.

9. Sign UP for TEFL
EPIK requires a minimum of 100 hours of teaching English as a foreign language certificate (TEFL/ TESOL/CELTA etc.). Some regional education boards require at least twenty to fifty hours in-class hours. your decision to take an online or in-class course should be based upon your school choices. ESL consulting would like to recommend my TEFL Professional course-120hrs course on which you can take up to 35% discount and becoming an all-ready teacher in Korea and China.